Software Optimisation


Power chiptuning

Our years of experience and success in chip tuning and performance enhancement for petrol and diesel engines ensure the highest quality. We develop and coordinate internal chip adjustments in most modern research and development centre.

Eco Chiptuning

When it comes to ecological optimisation, the focus is naturally on reducing fuel consumption! Tuningbase Eco is an investment that can quickly pay for itself with today’s fuel prices. A large number of individuals and hauliers have benefited from adapting our ecological chip and saved money. We offer innovative ecological software optimisation through the latest generation of chip adjustments for cars, vans, campers, motorhomes, trucks and agricultural vehicles!


Map optimisation
for greater driving pleasure

This is where our chip tuning comes into play. Among other things, we ensure that the interaction between the individual components is harmonious and that the optimum performance is obtained from your vehicle. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that the adaptation is a perfect fit, so that our chips harmonise ideally with your control unit. This is a particularly important consideration when it comes to ensuring that the engine and its associated components can enjoy the performance increase without any subsequent impairment or damage. If you opt for a map optimisation from our company, you will subsequently benefit from significant progress in the area of acceleration as well as lower fuel consumption. In addition, we offer a two-year engine warranty for every single one of our products, which applies to vehicles built in 2014 or later with a maximum mileage of 200,000. If you are interested in a chip tuning for your car, it is best to contact us directly. Together we will find the right solution for you and your vehicle


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