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          We offer innovative chip tuning and performance enhancements for passenger cars, race cars, commercial vehicles, vans, caravans, trucks and farm vehicles. Quality and reliability are our priority. Therefore, all power and eco-chip tuning comes from our own development center. Every new chip tuning development is carefully tested on the test bench.

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          More power for sure
          The vehicle’s engine management system regulates the injection, the camshaft position, the ignition timing, the air pressure and the engine injection pressure. It does this based on engine speed and load. These instructions are stored in “folders” in the driver. In order to customize the commands for the engine, we need to change the maps. Therefore it is often referred to as “map optimization” or “software optimization”.


          This improves the vehicle’s acceleration, responsiveness and top speed. Each tuning chip is individually tailored to the vehicle in question. Fuel savings of up to 15% in the partial load range can also be achieved through first-hand chip tuning. The engine control unit data is saved with our chip tuning software. We attach great importance to the long service life of your vehicle. Therefore, we only use our own developed software, with which we can be sure that the motor is not overloaded. In addition, the emergency driving properties of the vehicle are fully retained after chip tuning.

          Why doesn't the manufacturer adjust?

          Manufacturers offer motors in various designs. The position of the motor should be adapted to the product range. For cost reasons, the engine block is offered in different performance variants. This will create the borders we’re going to use. Today all engines are equipped with advanced fuel injection technology. In recent years, common rail technology with piezoelectric injectors has been increasingly used in diesel engines, and we are increasingly seeing direct injection in gasoline engines.

          Adaptation requires a lot of knowledge and experience. As you can read about us here, we have a team that has been in business for many years. That’s why we know we can safely get performance out of your car.

          obd flash

          None of our locations are within your radius? Then we have the optimal solution for you. Our OBDFlash combines “do-it-yourself” with our “know-how”. You read out your engine control unit, send us the data status and then receive the optimized tuning file, which you write back to the engine control unit with the OBDFlash.


          No time to come to us? Or are we too far away? No problem, we are also in your area with currently 10 locations and professional chip tuning on site, we can offer our product throughout Europe. Find out which location is in your area or book an appointment with one of our service employees on site. One of our technicians can come to your home and program your vehicle with you. We are Tuningbase – your reliable chip tuning partner