Up to 15%

Fuel saving

Incl. 2 years

Motor warranty

+35% PS
+35% NM

A software optimisation
tuned for your vehicle

OBDflash is the portable, personal touch-screen OBD programmer that allows you to program their vehicles’ ECUs completely autonomously using your pre-installed modified Kenffields.
It is a technologically innovative solution that will help you attract new customers, even those who are far away from you. Set the OBDflash, customise it and send it to a customer wherever they may be. Don’t miss the opportunity to create great numbers and a new way of doing business!

Ready for dispatch in
24 hours

Free shipping
within the EU

within 30 DAYS


And this is how it works: You order your OBDflash with the selected level of tuning from us. After only a few days, you will receive your OBDflash via DHL and can use it immediately. A detailed description of the product and the sequence of flashing is enclosed with the OBDflash.


Now connect the OBDflash to the OBD port of your vehicle as shown in the enclosed instructions and read out the current data status, then you have to connect the OBDFlash to your Windows PC and transfer the data status to the PC.



Now send the read-out data status for processing to our filedatabase with your customer number and the vehicle information, you will find the form with your customer number in your user profile.


In most cases, you will receive your optimised data back from us by email within approx. 24 hours. In the case of special modifications such as turbochargers, exhaust systems or intercoolers, it may take longer by arrangement.


Now you must reconnect the OBDflash to your Windows PC and transfer the data set optimised by us to your OBDflash. This is all done with illustrated instructions or with the help of one of our technicians. If you have any questions, just give us a call.


Once the process is complete, you can reconnect the OBDflash to your vehicle’s OBD port and transfer the new data set to your ECU. And everything is ready and you can enjoy the extra performance after a short drive-in.

Advantages compared to chip tuning

You do not need to visit any of our branches or bear any travel costs for an on-site service. You receive a chip tuning specially tailored to your vehicle. You can reprogram your vehicle yourself as often as you like.

No soldering work, absolutely invisible and can be removed without leaving a trace.

The OBDFlash is transferable and can be used for your next car

And it is not physically installed in the vehicle, but only used to install the tuning software or the original software.

This is what you

The OBDflash is pre-programmed by us with software specially tailored to your vehicle. (You can also recode the device yourself to another vehicle if required). After receiving the OBDflash, simply connect it to the OBD interface of the vehicle with the cable supplied and read out the original data from your vehicle according to the screen display.

. Connect the OBDflash to the USB connector on the computer (drivers are installed automatically). Save the read-out original data on the computer and send it to us by e-mail to info@tuningbase.com. As a rule, you will receive the adjusted tuning data back by e-mail within 74 hours. Copy the tuning data to the OBDflash. Connect the OBDflash to the OBD interface of the vehicle and programme the tuning data according to the on-screen instructions.

If you have problems with programming, do not know what an OBD interface is or where it is located in your vehicle, we will be happy to help you at info@tuningbase.com.

Scope of delivery
This is what you will find in the package

Including 2-year motor warranty

1xOBD customer flasher incl. OBD cable and USB cable

1x illustrated operating instructions in German and English as PDF file

1x performance tuning specially tailored to your vehicle

1x invoice with VAT shown on the invoice


1 x an individual ECo tuning for lower consumption

1 x a second performance tuning specially tailored to your vehicle

All optionally available products (services) can also be purchased later! The customer can choose the language of the firmware of the OBDFlash between German, English, French and Italian seber, the delivery state is in German.

What is covered by the warranty? The warranty covers all damage that can be proven to have been caused by the use of one of our products.In particular, this concerns: Engine block, piston. In particular, this applies to: engine block, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, crankshaft rim, intake manifold, engine valves, valve guide, cylinder head, cylinder liners, crankcase, oil pan, camshaft with camshaft rim.

motor warranty

Since quality and your satisfaction are particularly important to us, you will receive an engine guarantee from us for all Tuningbase products. Safety is a matter of concern to us. Chiptunings from Tuningbase are therefore exclusively within the manufacturer’s engine reserves. This prevents possible damage to the engine from the outset.

Included in the warranty

Up to 5000 euros in the event of damage

No excess

For vehicles from year of manufacture 2016

Protects important components


With our installation instructions, we support you in mastering the installation of your OBDflash independently and with a few simple steps. Should you have any difficulties during installation, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by telephone.
Our staff will be happy to guide you through the installation and fitting.

You can reach us at
+43 676 522 5940


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