Sound Booster Pro

sonorous exhaust sound for every car

Your diesel or gasoline engine just doesn’t sound like a real car? Prefer it to sound like an eight-cylinder?
No problem. The Sound Booster Pro from TUNINGBASE makes it possible – even for electric vehicles.

TUNINGBASE manufactures the Sound Booster Pro for just about every make and model of car. Especially in times when the environment and consumption are becoming increasingly important, the Sound Booster Pro is the perfect solution for a sonorous exhaust sound. Neither a fuel-guzzling V8 engine nor an expensive exhaust system is needed to give your car a powerful, big-engine sound. Best of all, the Active Sound System can be easily turned off and on at the touch of a button.

Controllable with the new TUNINGBASE Link App

With our new app "TUNINGBASE Link", the Sound Booster can now also be operated and adjusted via smartphone.

Our new Sound Booster module has Bluetooth and can thus be connected to your smartphone. With the app, you can change profiles and make detailed settings – everything you already know from our software.

Simply download TUNINGBASE Link from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Your car remains in
original appearance

Without welding &
drilling (specific set)

Powerful V6 / V8 engine sound
at the push of a button

Free software &

Controllable via
smartphone app

Product customisation
via remote access

Up to 6 sound profiles
individually adjustable

loss of performance

Different sounds through other external sound modules

From firmware 2.79 and software, the externally connected ESM (external sound module) can be selected in the software. This plays sounds that other manufacturers use for their vehicles.

The standard ESM from Audi (4G0 907 160B) can be exchanged for this ESM without further adapters:

Audi: 8R0 907 160 (SQ5)
VW: 5G0 907 160 (Golf 7 GTD)

Special adapters are required for these external modules:

BMW: 65122359322
Maserati: 670030871, 670030637, 670036582, 670100039, 670102513

After swapping the ESM, the module must be selected in the software as well as the maps adjusted accordingly.

Questions still open?

Sound Booster Pro Hotline:
+49 17686429018

If your question is not answered in the FAQ section, please feel free to ask your questions via our contact form, via e-mail or call our hotline. (This hotline is exclusively for answering questions about the Sound Booster Pro product.)