Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI






1/4 mile

500 HP


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          THE HISTORY

          Tuningbase Software optimizations

          More steam under the hood!
          Tuningbase has been concentrating for years on the successful interaction between the limits of breaking hardware & the appropriate software. Our area of expertise are already from the factory high-bred vehicles. Popular models such as the Audi RS 3 with its already powerful 5 cylinder engines or the BMW M Series which many associate with vehicles like the M440i, whose 3l engine with 6 cylinders and an original output of 374 hp leaves no room for speculation.



          The highway is yours! During the performance adjustment, the basis of the optimization is the capacity of the vehicle. HP and Vmax are individually optimised to achieve higher performance and lower consumption.


          Tuningbase VS. Doubt.

          We’ll win this fight! Fast cars, loud exhaust, POP & BANG. Our customers want extraordinary. But extraordinary is routine for us. Your Audi RS has an OPF and therefore sounds like a kitten? We’ll make a lion out of it. Your Seat Cupra S does not compete with a Golf GTI? Then you are also exactly right with us. Going from 0 to 100 in a reasonable time is important, but the 200 should also be easily reached.


          None of our locations are within your radius? Then we have the optimal solution for you. Our OBDFlash combines Do it yourself with our know-how.
          You read out your engine control unit, send us the data status and then receive the optimized tuning file, which you write back into the engine control unit with the OBDFlash.


          No time to come to us? Or are we too far away? No problem we are also close to you with currently 10 locations and a rofesionellem on-site service we can offer our product throughout Europe. Just check which location is closest to you or book an appointment with one of our service employees at your location. So one of our technicians can come directly to your home and program your vehicle on your premises.

          You have questions or want to start an exciting project with us?